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Ecstatic Waters CBDNA mp3

April 3, 2009

I’ve posted the entire performance from last week’s CBDNA conference. It’s one, 25Mb mp3 download. The link will pull the entire file to your computer, and then you can open it in iTunes, or whatever program you use to listen to mp3s. I haven’t edited it at all. NOTE: Because of the mic placement to record the ensemble, they didn’t pick up the electronics as loudly as they actually were in the hall. This is most noticeable in Mvt. IV, where the quirky, ‘mechanized’ groove kicks in – it’s difficult to hear on this recording, but was more present in the live. Recording a work such as this adds a whole new dimension of complexity…

The link to download the mp3 is on the Ecstatic Waters page, along with the old link to UT’s performance from last October. I also have a new perusal score up that reflects all the changes since last October.

BTW, John Mackey has a great recap of our concerts and some remarkable pictures up on his blog – though I suspect if you’re reading this, you discovered his site long ago… 🙂