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Dusk at Disney Hall

June 18, 2009 Uncategorized

Apparently Westlake HS is playing Dusk sometime around now at Disney Hall tonight. I had no idea, but … COOL. Props to John Mackey for the heads-up.

Much more catching up to do : New York was great. MAYWE played their hearts out in Carnegie, and it was great to work with them and their fearless leaders, Robert Ambrose and Laura Moates Stanley. I sincerely hope I can come down to Atlanta and work with all of you again!

The rest of the trip consisted of seeing old friends, including finally meeting the dangerously charming and brilliant Newman/Schlactmeyer offspring, popping in on the Bang on a Can marathon with Jonathan, and checking out all the changes at Juilliard. I took some pictures, but wasn’t able to capture it in a satisfying way, so just look at John’s pix from his visit a few weeks ago.

I’m flying mostly under the radar while I compose this new piece for the Nebraska consortium. It’s not due until August, but I need to finish it by the end of the month. On July 3rd, I head down to Denton to rehearse Ecstatic Waters with the UNT Wind Ensemble before we all pile in the bus and take the show to WASBE in Cincinnati. Concert is Thursday night, July 9th – I have no doubt it will bring the house down!

After that, it’s straight from Cincinnati to Austria (well, not really straight – have to go through Atlanta, Munich, and then cab&train to Schladming) for the MidEurope Festival. The word is that Gary Green’s doing Radiant Joy with the WYWOP, and Verena finally makes her conducting debut with the group, after running the entire show behind-the-scenes for the past several years!

And then it’s to Durham, NC in August! Verena is the new director of bands at Duke University, which kicks total ass. So proud of this girl – came to the US and did both MM and DMA in a total of 4 years, and not even in her native language. That’s just one of the many reasons I asked her to marry me. 🙂