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Catching up…soon

February 14, 2006

Been traveling and haven’t had much internet access…at least, that’s my excuse for not keeping things up to date. A LOT has been going on. I’m about to hop on another plane, so this will be quick until I can flesh each one out:

Last week I officially resigned from Juilliard to pursue composing and conducting full time – I do have pictures of the party, and I hope to post some tomorrow.

On Wednesday, I worked with the St. Charles East HS Band. They did “Rise” and performed it beautifully last night at Carnegie Hall. I had the honor and pleasure of conducting the performance – many, many thanks to Jim Kull and the band for inviting me to be a part of this event!

Saturday and Sunday, I attended Eric’s “Paradise Lost” at Northwestern – it’s changed radically since the LA performance a year and a half ago, and I believe it’s MUCH tighter now. More on that soon.

I’m off…but I will catch up on things here very soon. I hope….