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Veo Hex

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    08:23 min



Seen scrawled in “scratch-itti” on a 1/9 subway car in NYC during the summer of 2001: “Veo Hex.” Though I have no idea what it’s significance was to whomever scrawled it there, I immediately knew this was to be the title of the piece I was working on for Philip Colucci and the Metropolitan Ballet Academy. Almost all the phrases are six bars long, and I interpreted the title as conveying something similar to “sixth sense” or “sixth sight,” since “Veo” is Spanish for “I see” and Hex is Greek for “six.” Mostly, though, I just liked the sound of it.

This is an electronic work created in Digital Performer 2.72 on a Power Macintosh G3/450, and was the first big electronic project since leaving behind my trusty program, Studio Vision Pro (R.I.P.).

Commissioned by: Lisa Collins Vidnovic and the Metropolitan Ballet Academy for choreographer Philip Colucci