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The Machine Awakes (symphony orchestra + electronics)


The Machine Awakes is the sound of something not human (but of humans hands) – something not entirely organic, but most definitely alive – waking up for the first time. From the opening swirling textures, we sense the first hesitant sparks of thought, attempting to find form and coherence. This new machine – sentient, aware – comes fully awake, possessed of emphatic self-determination and unfathomable purpose.

The electronics for this work are triggered from a computer (Macintosh or Windows) via a self-contained program, freely downloadable from this website, or from an iPhone/iPad/Android device, using the apps available on the Apple App Store ($0.99) and Google Play store ($0.99).

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Genres:   ElectroacousticEnergetic

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General Info

Year(s) composed: 2013

Duration: 05:00

Commissioned by: Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras


15 December 2013, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras Debut Orchestra, Terrance Gray, conductor.

Technical Info

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Flute 1
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Oboe (optional)
Clar 1
Clar 2
Bassoon (optional)

Horn 1
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Trumpet 1
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Timpani (optional)
Suspended Cymbal
Bass Drum
Marimba (optional)
Vibraphone (optional)
Tam-tam (optional)


Difficulty: Youth