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Suite Dreams

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    09:00 min

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Suite Dreams is the fourth and final (?) of my Parody Suite pieces. Unlike the others (Chester Leaps In, ImPercynations, and MetaMarch), it’s not intentionally funny and tongue-in-cheek in character. Rather, it’s a dream-like fantasia based on Holst’s First Suite in Eb. The motivic material is almost exclusively from the inverted Chaconne melody in Mvt. I and from Mvt. III.

There are optional extra parts NOT included with the standard set distributed by Hal Leonard. You can download those parts here. Although they are “optional,” I strongly recommend you use them if you have these particular instruments available. If you need a score that shows these staves, please contact me.

Commissioned by: Jasper (IN) High School Wind Ensemble, James Goodhue, conductor


22 April 2007 by Jasper (IN) High School Wind Ensemble, James Goodhue, conductor

Technical Info

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NOTE: The optional parts listed below are not included with a standard set, but are a free download from this website. Although they are listed as “optional,” I strongly encourage you to use these parts if at all possible, especially the Contrabass Clarinet and Contrabassoon. Thanks!

Flute 1-2
Flute 3-4
Bassoon 1-2
Contrabassoon (optional)
Clarinet in Bb 1-2
Clarinet in Bb 3-4
Bass Clarinet
Contra-bass Clarinet (optional)
Alto Saxophone 1-2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1-2
Bb Trumpet 3-4
Horn in F 1-2
Horn in F 3-4
Trombone 1-2
Trombone 3-4
Euphonium 1-2
Tuba 1-2
Contrabass (optional)

Harp (optional)
Perc. 1: Glockenspiel
Perc. 2: Vibraphone
Perc. 3: Marimba
Perc. 4 (Suspended Cymbal, Side Drum, Bass Drum


2008 National Band Association William D. Revelli Award