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RedLine (saxophone ensemble)

ChamberSaxophone Ensemble

The Eastman Saxophone Project (E.S.P.) is an extraordinary group of musicians, and when I approached them in 2014 about potentially playing one of my saxophone ensemble works, assistant director Jon Wintringham instead asked if he could arrange my (very difficult solo piano work) RedLine for the group. I told him “Sure!” while thinking “That’s crazy!”

I should never have doubted them.

Live performance video at The Kennedy Center, April 24th, 2015. RedLine begins at 31’44”

Genres:   Energetic

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General Info

Year(s) composed: 2015

Duration: 07:00

Technical Info

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Soprano Sax I – II – III
Alto Sax I – II – III – IV
Tenor Sax I – II – III
Baritone Sax I – II – III
Bass Sax