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Coil (band + electronics)

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Coil began when I took a Tesla Motors Model S electric car for a test drive. It’s a fantastic car and a fascinating company, though I didn’t want to depict the drive itself in music. Instead, it provided the spark to explore the company’s namesake, inventor Nikola Tesla, and in particular the sonic possibilities of his famous Tesla Coils. These buzzing, intense sounds led to composing this groove-entrenched combination of the power of the symphonic band ensemble with abundant samples of actual Tesla Coils and other electrical sources. The samples may be played live by a keyboardist in the ensemble, or played as a pre-recorded track with a click track for the conductor.

The iPad/iPhone app is not currently available. Please use the Ableton Live set and a laptop computer for performance.

Commissioned by: Bishop Ireton High School, Randall Eyles conductor


11 October 2014, Bishop Ireton High School (Alexandria, VA), Randall Eyles conductor

Technical Info

This work requires a PA system, and either a keyboard connected to a computer  for the live version (no click track), or a computer, audio interface, and headphone earpiece and cabling for the conductor (for the version with a click track). These files are sent to you via email when you order the piece. Both versions run in Ableton Live. You will need to download the DEMO version (you do NOT have to purchase it) and install it on your computer.

Full requirements and setup instructions: COIL Electronics setup

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Flute I– II – III
Oboe I – II
Clarinet in Bb I – II – III
Bb Bass Clarinet
Bassoon I – II
Alto Saxophone I – II
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet I – II – III
Horn in F I – II – III – IV
Trombone I – II – III (Bass)
Euphonium I – II
Tuba I – II

Keyboard (for electronic sounds)*

1: Glockenspiel (optional)
2: Cowbell, Temple Blocks
3: Ratchet
4: Shaker
5: Sand Blocks
6: Bass Drum