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Miniature Suite

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The Miniature Suite is a modular group of five works commissioned by Kappa Kappa Psi, National Band Fraternity, and Tau Beta Sigma, National Band Sorority for their 2017 national convention in Orlando, Florida. Informed by my work with honor bands, and I set out to create a group of short works that can be easily adapted to a variety of performance scenarios, dropping works as necessary to fit instrumentation or time requirements, as well as choosing which instrumentalists to feature.

The opening work, Introit: Tin Riot is a short fanfare that works either with full ensemble, or for brass alone (plus Glockenspiel).

Echo Dreams, the second of the five works, features Euphonium and Bass Clarinet solos, as well as Piano and Vibraphone. While the other works have optional Piano parts, this is the only one that requires that instrument.

The third work, Eristic Zeal, is short, aggressive, and quirky, and is perfect if the ensemble has two adept Saxophone players (one Soprano and one Alto).

The Low Arc of the Sun is a simple, short chorale.

Irrational Joy is a bright and energetic work, suitable as an opener or closer.

Each of the works will work as standalone pieces on a program, or they can be interspersed throughout a program, as well as combined in various ways. For example, I think Introit: Tin Riot, The Low Arc of the Sun, and Irrational Joy would make a satisfying combination.

Visit each individual work’s page to read more and peruse PDF scores.

Introit: Tin Riot – 1’30”
Echo Dreams – 3’30”
Eristic Zeal – 1’30”
The Low Arc of the Sun – 4′
Irrational Joy – 2’30”